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Certain types of drywall can be harmful to your health. Learn more about drywalls by visiting our tips page on the following link.

The following tips on drywall and related topics are more than helpful for having perfect walls and ceilings in your home.

Never engage in removing paint which contains lead by yourself

Lead is extremely dangerous when inhaled. It has been linked to lung cancer among other serious diseases. At the same time, the risk of inhaling some lead when you use a DIY paint removing technique without special protection is very high. There is no point in risking your life and wellbeing.

Spackling paste is suitable for filling small holes in drywall

This material works perfectly for fixing cavities which are small in size and in depth. It is quite quick to dry and this is another major advantage. Spackling paste is just right for nail hole repair. However, it will not work alone for bigger holes caused by door knobs, for instance.

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